Milk Rice with Jaggery

Milk rice AKA “Kiribath” (in Sinhalese) is a traditional Sri Lankan dish made from rice. It’s kind of a rice pudding. Basically it makes with rice and milk.

Milk helps to binds rice together at the same time it gives a nice sweetness. “Kiri” means milk and “bath” means rice. This can be made using both red rice and white rice.

In Tamil, the dish is called paalchoru. Milk rice is an essential dish for any auspicious moment in Sri Lanka.


  • 2 cups rice





  • 1½ – 2 cups thick coconut milk


  • 4 – 4½ cups water





  • Salt – to taste


  • Jaggery





Step 1
wash the rice
put in to a sauspan or you can cook it on rice cooker
add water by considering the height (1cm) according to rice quantity
Step 2
Cook it in the medium heat temperature ,until it gets boiling and soft(cook it for 15-20Mints)
Step 3
Add Coconut milk (consider the rice quantity you put)
stir it well
make-sure coconut milk has been absorbed to the rice
Step 4
After it got absorbed to the rice,we can see softness and creamy of the milk rice
put chopped small pieces of jaggery to it and stir it
Step 5
Transfer the milk rice to a flat or suitable dish from the pan or cooker which is useful to cut any shape that you wish.