Godhamba Roti


  • self-rising flour 500g
  • Godhamba roticoconut oil 2 cups




  • Godhamba rotiA pinch of salt




  • Godhamba rotiEnough water






Make a mixture from flour, salt and water until it becomes a non sticky dough.

Godhamba roti

If it’s a large dough separate it to small balls which are similar to cricket ball in size. After that get a deep bowl and pour some coconut oil to it. Dip all the balls in this oily bowl overnight properly covered.

In the next day, flatten each of them as much as possible until it becomes a thin layer. Then keep a frying pan on a cooker and pour some coconut oil. Once it got heated to a sufficient level, fry each of  “Godhamba”. Now you can enjoy it with a Sri Lankan style spicy curry such as Chicken or Fish curry. Or furthermore you can use these “Godhamba” to make “Kottu”(which will be explained in a later post)

Godhamba roti

FYI – If you prefer to know more about this cuisine, please follow this – https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Kottu

Tip: You can prepare Kottu by using Godhamba roti – http://slfoodie.com/2017/05/10/kottu/