Devilled cabbage with leeks


  • Leeks 200gCabbage




  • Cabbage 200gCabbage




  • 1 OnionCabbage




  • Several Curry leavesCabbage




  • Ground Chilli 2 table spoonsCabbage




  • Salt – according to the choiceCabbage







  • SaucepanCabbage






First of all wash both cabbage and leeks properly. Subsequently slice them nicely. After that chop the onion and curry leaves. Then mix all the cabbage, leeks and chopped onions with curry leaves and ground  chilli.

Add coconut oil into the saucepan and keep for several minutes until it gets heat. After that add the previously made cabbage and leeks mixture to the heated coconut oil. Finally add the salt to your taste and keep several minutes in medium heat.(In Sinhalese this calls “Malawanawa“).

Enjoy your devilled cabbage+leeks dish!!