• Kottu2 carrots – diced




  • Kottu1 Cabbage – diced




  • Kottu 2 leeks – sliced




  • 2 onions – sliced




  • Kottu2 eggs




  • KottuChopped ginger – 1 table spoon




  • KottuChopped garlic – 1 table spoon




  • KottuChilli powder – 1 table spoon




  • KottuCurry powder – 1 table spoon




  • KottuGreen chillis – 2




  • KottuCoconut oil – 1 table spoon




  • KottuSalt




  • KottuPepper




Origin and background:

Kottu is a Sri Lankan main dish. And you can find it from street food destinations and star rated hotels since we can customize it according to customer needs. Although typically Kottu is a spicy hot dish, we can customize it to a sweet dish by adding Cheese to it. Then it becomes Cheese Kottu. For more information, please refer wikipedia – https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Kottu


Get a saucepan and add some coconut oil to it. Keep the pan on the cooker under a low flame until oil get heated. After that add ginger and garlic. Fry them until turn it’s color to golden. Then add two beaten eggs to then pan as we do when making an omlette. Stir them to well mixed with garlic and ginger. Then add leeks, cabbage, carrots, onions and green chillis. Stir fry for couple of minutes. Now add chilli powder and curry powder to the mixture and again stir fry for several minutes. I think now you can imagine what kind of a taste this will give…Wow…..can’t wait………………

Now it has become to the last stage of the cooking. So now add the shreded Godhamba roti to the mixture and thoroughly stir to well mixed. Sometimes you will need to put some effort to do that. But there is the secret. If you mix the rot well with the mixture, it gives the real taste of the “Kottu”.


Tip 1: In Sri Lanka, at large Kottu making restaurants, they use a large metal cooking sheet instead of a small pan. As well as using two small metal boards to mix them instead of a small spoon.

Anyway we can use our available resources when we do this at home. No problem!! Finally add salt and pepper according to your taste. It’s done!!! Now enjoy it….

Tip 2: You can taste this with a Spicy Sri Lankan style Chicken curry or a Fish curry….

Chicken curry:






Fish curry:






Tip 3: (Specially for foreigners) Places easily you can find Kottu.

Street food destinations such as,

Galle Face Green – Colombo

Diyatha Uyana – Sri Jayawardenepura Kotte

And from most of the restaurants and hotels

FYI – Following is a video made by Knorr. It’s using Knorr products to make it and it will give a different taste than typical Kottu. So if you like you can follow this as well 🙂