Lunu miris


  • Salt chiliGround chilli – 100g




  • Salt chiliSalt – according to taste




  • Salt chiliLime – half of a lime




  • Salt chiliOnion – 1




  • Salt chiliMaldive fish – 20g




  • Salt chiliGarlic – half of a garlic




  • Salt chiliGreen chillis – 2




  • Salt chiliA kitchen mortar and pestle





Get the kitchen mortar and add ground chilli and salt to it. By using the pestle grind and mix them well. Subsequently add onions to it. You can use chopped onions or whole onion without chopping. But chopped onions helps to make a nice mixture when grinding it. Then add garlic and green chillis to the mixture and grind again. After that add Maldive fish and grind it again for a smaller time such as 1 minute. If you grind the mixture for a long time as previous steps, maldive fish will become a powder and it doesn’t give a nice taste. Finally add lime juice according to your taste. Now it’s ready for your meal!!!


Salt chili

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