Sri Lankan Moju


  • MojuWashed dried sprats – about 100 sprats




  • MojuShallots – 1 Cup




  • MojuGreen chillis – 10




  • MojuGround mustard – 1 table spoon




  • MojuGround Chilli – 1 tea spoon




  • MojuTurmeric powder -1 tea spoon




  • MojuGround pepper -1 tea spoon




  • MojuSalt – according to the taste




  • MojuSugar – according to the taste




  • MojuCoconut vinegar – 1/4 cup




  • MojuCoconut oil – 4 Cups





Add oil into a pan and keep for several minutes under mid flame. Then add dried sprats to the oil and deep fry them. After that add Shallots to it and fry again for 2 minutes. Now off the flame of the cooker and add green chillis to it and fry for several seconds.

Get an another pan (it is better if can get a clay pot as using in Sri Lanka) and add vinegar to it. When boiling vinegar add ground chilli, ground pepper, turmeric powder, salt and sugar mix well.

Finally add fried dried sprats, green chillis and shallots to the mixture. Keep it under low flame until vinegar gets disappear.Now turn off the flame of the cooker and keep the pan with the mixture for an one hour time. Great, you are done!!! Now you can serve it or keep it for later use 🙂



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