Mango Dahi


  • Curd – 300 mlMango




  • Sugar – 75gMango




  • Grated jaggery – 75gMango




  • Water – 50mlMango




  • Mango pulp – 1 cupMango




  • Butter – 25gMango




  • Diced ripe mangoMango




  • Several Pasli leavesMango




  • Lime peel – 1Mango



Get a pan and add jaggery, salt and lime peel to it. Cook it for about 3 minutes. After that add the Mango pulp to it and mix them well. After that add Curd to it and beet well. Then keep in the Freezer for 1 hour. Get it out and beet again and keep in the Freezer again for 1 hour. Do like this for 3 times.

After that get another pan and add butter to it until butter melted. Add Mango pieces to it. Then add two Jaggery table spoons to it until Jaggery melted. Now add this hot mixture top of the freezed Mango pulp. Finally garnish it with Pasli leaves.

Now enjoy it!!!

FYI – Another experimental food: