Banana pepper with Eggplant curry

Ingredients for banana pepper with eggplant curry:

  • Eggplant – 125gBanana pepper







  • Coconut milk – 50mlBanana pepper




  • Roasted curry powder – 15g Banana pepper




  • Chili powder – 15gBanana pepper




  • Ground cumin seeds – 5gBanana pepper




  • Sliced Dry Maldives fishBanana pepper




  • Turmeric powder – 5gBanana pepper




  • SaltBanana pepper




  • Hot green chili pepper – 10gBanana pepper




  • Sliced shallots – 50gBanana pepper




  • Curry leaves – 10gBanana pepper




  • Vinegar – 30mlBanana pepper




  • Mustard seeds 5gBanana pepper




  • Fenugreek seeds – 2gBanana pepper





Step 01
Pour oil into a bowl and heat the oil in medium heat
Step 02
When oil is ready, deep fry eggplant strips till it gets brown in color on both side
Step 03
Keep it for separation of oil from eggplant and keep it aside
Step 04
Put all other ingredients in to another pan and mix it except roasted curry powder
Step 05
Tempered it (04)with coconut milk (don’t close the curry)
Step 06
After tempered the curry put eggplants and banana pepper and mix roasted curry powder for it.
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