Beetroot Curry


  • Beetroot Beetroot – 250g




  • BeetrootCoconut oil table spoon 01




  • BeetrootCinnamon 2inch piece







  • BeetrootGarlic 2 biks




  • BeetrootCurry leaves




  • BeetrootChopped onion




  • BeetrootGreen chilli 01




  • BeetrootTurmeric powder tea spoon ½




  • BeetrootCurry powder tea spoon 01




  • BeetrootCoconut milk cup 01




  • BeetrootWater cup ½




  • BeetrootSalt


Step 01
Wash beetroot well
Step 02
Peel beetroot and chop into small pieces
Step 03
Put it into a pan and add following items
Salt, garlic, pandan leaves, curry leaves, curry powder, turmeric powder, cinnamon and salt (according to the taste) with water
Cook it well in the medium heat
Step 04
After the water get dried, put coconut oil and tempered well
Step 05
Then add coconut milk to the curry and mix it well for 5 mints time.
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