Roast paan ekka parippu|pol smbola AKA Roasted bread with Dhal curry|Pol sambol


This is a very popular Sri Lankan meal specially during breakfast time or dinner time. Sometimes as a snack as well. This meal’s taste increases according to the crispiness of the bread.

You can prepare Pol sambol by following this link –

Can prepare Dhal curry by following this link –

FYI – Roasted bread / Roast paan will be like this

polsambol dhal roastedbread

When it comes to Roasted bread, you can find them at most of the Sri Lankan bakeries or else from mobile bakeries as well 😀 Yes, in Sri Lanka there are mobile bakeries which are carried out by Tuk Tuks which calls “Choon paan”.

polsambol dhal roastedbread

Finally meal will be mostly like this….

polsambol dhal roastedbread