Star fruit drink

Star fruit 

Star fruit is a fruit which is native to several countries including Sri Lanka. When slice the fruit, it is like a star and because of that name it as star fruit. For more information, please refer wikipedia –


  • Star fruits – 3star fruit




  • Sugar – according to the tastestar fruit




  • Salt – according to the tastestar fruit




  • Water – 2 cupsstar fruit




  • Several ice cubesstar fruit





  1. Wash star fruits thoroughly(It’s better if you can find ripe star fruits since it will give a nice sweet favor)
  2. Then slice them and remove seeds.
  3. Then add them into a blender.
  4. Subsequently add sugar and salt to it.
  5. Blend altogether well.
  6. Finally put the mixture into a nice glass.
  7. After that add some ice cubes and garnish it with a star fruit slice and serve it!!!

PS: Video is coming soon… 🙂


star fruit

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