Cashew mixed apple curry

Ingredients for Cashew mixed apple curry:

  • Green Apple 03




  • Red onions 4-5




  • Garlic bik 03




  • Green Chili




  • Fried red chili – tea spoon 01




  • Curry Powder tea spoon 01




  • Pepper – tea spoon 01




  • Cardamon 02




  • Cloves – 03




  • Fried cashew nuts – 50g




  • Fried red rice – table spoon 01




  • Gamboge – 1/2 table spoon (This is an optional ingredient)




  • Coconut milk (first round) cup 01




  • Coconut milk (second round) cup 02
  • Salt – according to the taste




Step 01
Fried red rice, cashew nuts, chili powder, curry powder and pepper put altogether and grind it by using stone (miris gala)
Step 02
Chop red onions and green chili
Hammer ensal and cloves
Cut green apples into small pieces
Step 03
Get a clay pot and put fried spices as mentioned in Step 01,then add red onions, cloves, ensal, salt, gamboge and 2nd round coconut milk.
Cook it in the medium heat
Step 04
When you can see it boiling and 2nd round coconut milk get reduced during boiling the curry, add 1st round coconut milk and mix it well
Now your curry is ready!! Enjoy it!!
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