• WatalappanEggs – 8




  • WatalappanCoconut milk – 1.5 cups (First time milk)







  • WatalappanCashews – 100g




  • WatalappanVanilla – 1 tea spoon




  • WatalappanNutmeg – 1 tea spoon




  • WatalappanGround Cloves – 3




  • WatalappanButter – 50g





Step 01

Add grated Jaggery to coconut milk and blend them well. Then strain the mixture to a bowl.

Step 02

Blend eggs as well and strain them as well.

Step 03

Then add two above mixtures and blend them thoroughly.

Step 04

Add Nutmeg powder, Vanilla and ground Cloves to the last mixture.

Step 05

Now get a glass or aluminium bowl and apply butter inside. Add the above mixture to it. Now add cashews top of it.It is our garnish and at the same time will add a nice taste as well.

Step 06

Cover the bowl with an oil paper and make some holes there.

Step 07

Keep it on a hot water for about 45 minutes and steam it.

Step 08

Finally get a plate and keep it on the bowl. Now turn it other side which will make a nice pudding on the plate.

Watalappan is ready!!

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