Kurakkan Helapa

Kurakkan Helapa


  • Flour 250g




  •  Kurakkan Flour 125g




  • Sugar  75g




  • Grated Coconut 150g




  • Water





  • Small Quantity of Salt(according to the taste)




  •  Kenda Leaf






Step 1

Get a container and put flour , kurakkan flour, salt  and add water time to time when you are mixing the above ingredients for a while

Get a small quantity out of mixture and make rounds from it until the mixture get finished.

Step 2

Get a cooking pan and heat the cooking pan to cook coconut honey. Put some sugar and heat it until it shows black.

Then add water to it and mix it well for a while.

You can see honey on the pan ,add grated coconut to it and mix it and take off immediately from the cooker.

Step 3

Get a kanda leaf ,spread the flour mixture softly on the Kenda Leaf.

Put some  grated coconut honey  on to it and fold the kenda leaf and boil it from the steam for while.


FYI – Kurakkan Helapa is a delicious Sri lankan sweet which is made by using Kurakkan and flour.

– http://slfoodie.com/2017/08/21/kurakkan-helapa/