Kuni Sambol/Dried Shrimp Paste





  • Slightly scraped coconut – 250g




  • Chopped Onions – 100g




  • Water or coconut – 250ml




  • Slightly chopped tomato – 2




  • Coconut Oil – table spoon 1




  • Fenugreek – table spoon 1




  • Turmeric – table spoon 1




  • Dry chilli – 3




  • Green chilli – 15g




  • Salt – according to the taste




  • Curry leaves – 1 sprig




  • Pandan leave – 1





1st step

Wash kuni well

2nd step

Put green chilli, turmeric, salt, fenugreek to the coconut milk container and cook it roughly.

3rd step

Get another container, put oil and heat it for a while.

Add curry leaves, dry chilli and onions and fried it well until you see gold colour in the ingredients

Add coconut and other ingredients you cooked already (step 2) to this container.

 4th step

Cook this mixture for 5 mints time and take off from the cooker and add tomato to it.

FYI – Another Sri Lankan popular side dish which matches with most of main dishes – http://slfoodie.com/2017/05/19/sri-lankan-moju/