Honey Hoppers


  • honey_hoppersRice flour – 500g





  • honey_hoppersSugar – 50g





  • honey_hoppersBaking soda – Tea spoon-01





  • honey_hoppersHoney – 1 cup





  • honey_hoppersCoconut water – 1 cup





  • honey_hoppersSalt – Tea spoon-01






FYI – These ingredients quantity enough for 20 Hoppers – http://www.telegraph.co.uk/food-and-drink/features/move-over-crepes-sri-lankan-hoppers-are-the-hot-new-pancake/

Step 01

Keep a pan under a mid flame. Then add sugar to it and keep until Sugar melted. Subsequently mix it well with Honey.

Step 02

Then add rest of the ingredients to the above Honey mixture and mix them thoroughly.

Step 03

Get another pan (There are special hopper pans in Sri Lanka).














Sri Lankan Hopper Pan

Then keep it under mid-flame.  Once the pan got heated, add a thin layer of the above mixture to the pan. It likes making an Omelette.

Step 04

That’s it!! Very simple ah? Yes, best for a break-fast or dinner. Enjoy your Honey Hoppers.

FYI – Another Sri Lankan Traditional Food – http://slfoodie.com/2017/08/21/kurakkan-helapa/